Medicare Supplement plans Coverage for Non-Working Spouses

Medicare is not only for people retiring from their service after putting many years into working as an employee. In fact, Medicare supplement plans can be bought by anyone who is a legal resident or an US citizen for a period of five years and is able to fulfill a few of the eligibility requirements such as:

  • Age 65 or older
  • Less than age 65 with disability as qualifying
  • Suffering with end-stage renal disease such as kidney permanent failure requiring transplant or dialysis.

However, a common query is: Can a non-working spouse receive Medicare supplement plans policies? Precisely, Yes, if she or he is eligible. The employed individuals must work and pay the taxes as Medicare through the payroll deductions to qualify for Part A Medicare Premium-free coverage as you turn 65. In case you qualify, the spouse non-working should be considered eligible based on the record of work as she or he also turns 65. Besides, you must qualify for Part B Medicare coverage that represents the medical insurance. Thus, each individual covered pays to Medicare Part B premium monthly.

In fact, many spouses attain the age of 65 at different years and at different times and months. It is that if one from a couple is eligible for Medicare attaining 65 years, here are the details:

Non-Working Spouse is Younger

Enrolling at age 65 in Medicare is compulsory, regardless of whether you are working or not. The additional decisions to enroll in Part A or in Part A and B, depends on particular situation.

once your spouse attains 65 years and is 2019 Medicare supplement plans eligible, he or she will require other health insurance. This can be through your employer, in case you are working. In fact, some employers provide COBRA or the options of health insurance for retired employee’s younger spouses. The health plan administrator helps in understanding the choices of the spouse and your spouse may buy through Health insurance market place the individual coverage on turning 65 in their state.

Non-Working Spouse is Older

If your spouse is older, at age 65 you will be qualified for Medicare supplement plans, even if you do not get Medicare or social security yourself, but you must be 62 years old at least. there is no need to file for the benefits of social security, but you have to be at least 62 to get social security.